430+AD & 5200+HP SION SEASON 10 META! LoL Meta Sion Season 10 Build Guide #23! Top Sion s10 Gameplay

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430+AD & 5200+HP SION SEASON 10 META! LoL Meta Sion Season 10 Build Guide #23

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Full Lethality (Armor Penetration) #Sion vs #Riven Build SoloQ Ranked LoL Meta new Season 10 Gameplay League Of Legends

You want the STRONGEST NEW RUNES Season 10 Build For Sion TOP/MID/JUNGLE/SUPPORT? Enjoy:
Sorcery + Domination
For Sorcery:
– Arcane Comet (The most powerful rune in the game)
– Manaflow (Extra mana stacks to spam your skills)
– Transcendence (10% Bonus CDR and bonus AD)
– Scorch (Extra BURN damage each 20 sec)
For Domination:
Cheap shot (Insanely big true damage after your CC)
Ultimate hunter (25% ultimate CDR)
Also you will get for:
DEFENSE: 6 armor
This runes will give you everything you need for Sion to do insane damage!

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