How to get *NO* Ash R4C Recoil – Rainbow Six Siege

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The attachments I run:
►Scope: 1x Barrel: Flash Hider: Vertical, Laser for those hipfires!!

How do you get no ash recoil in rainbow six siege crystal guard?

How to control /master recoil/ have no recoil in Rainbow six Siege 2021? This video shows you. With the new r6 season, there are many recoil changes, its all about the correct barrel and learning how to control your own recoil! As you saw from the start of the video its about muscle memory and practicing pulling down!!

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Aspect Ratio: 4:3
FOV: 90
DPI: 400
Sensitivity :
H: 12
V: 12
Everything low/off

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How to get *NO* ASH R4C Recoil – Rainbow Six Siege


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